Course Leader and Tuition Info


Course Leader and Tuition Info

David Magichands is how he is known to the more than seven thousand people who have done his Basic Bodywork and Ecstatic Touch or Joyful Practical Tantra workshops. “I changed my life.” “It opened my heart.”  “Uncovered new abilities in loving and healing. . .” “. . . Put new life into my relationship!” are some of the comments from participants.

David says the wide-ranging tools and states of being employed in his workshops are due to the diversity of wonderful teachers he’s been blessed with. He studied Chi Kung/Qi Gong and healing arts  for several years with a living Master from one of China’s oldest Taoist lineages. He’s studied massage and bodywork with teachers trained in the early days of Esalen. He’s been deeply influenced by encounters with Tibetan Buddhism and traveling widely in India.
“Extraordinary experiences in tantra, being trained as a Journey practitioner, being exposed to Native American spiritual practice and spending time alone in some of the most beautiful wilderness in the world — it all finds its way into the workshops, and processes I lead and the coaching I do. My great joy is to be used to assist others to connect to their own power and passion and joy.”

Quotes from Freeing the Goddess Within process participants:

“You have given me a great gift. . .”

“During the course of our sessions I’ve transformed my life from top to bottom. No less.”

“The first fifteen minutes we spent together were the most enlightening of my life. . .”

“My heart was healed. I can celebrate my sensual Self.”



All courses are small with lots of individual attention. Sometimes they are completely customized and individual. Tuition is $595. Structured course work is a half day each weekday. There is plenty of unstructured time for practice, meditation and other activities. A Course week usually (not always) begins on Sunday with an orientation and ends on Saturday with a celebration.  After completion of any course, more individualized, advanced work and coaching is also available. Additional days are also available.

There are many other activities available both sponsored and unsponsored by the Center. Some are free, some have an additional charge.


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