All Workshops have time set aside for sitting and listening to what the wind and water and wildlife are saying. . . What will you hear soaking in the river. . . or immersed in the sounds of the jungle at night. . . or on the morning breezes that awaken you?

The Land, the River, the wild beings in this lush forest play a leading role in all workshops and course work at the Center. Being touched by the environment here and the living beings in it, including the human ones, is part of the learning and healing, transforming and celebrating, exploring and growing in beauty that we do together.

You might be here to unleash your creative fire, or to bring passion and presence to your relationships with self and others. You might be here to experience and grow in healing self and others. You may be here to free the goddess within you. You might be here to explore what you could become. You might be here to touch and be touched by Mystery. Perhaps you are here for all of that and more. It all will begin with you opening your awareness to the life all around you in this magical, mysterious place. . .

As an alternative to workshops short courses and individual coaching is also available upon request.

The Art of Healing: Self and Others

This course may be scheduled flexibly for individuals and small groups. Let us know what dates you are interested in.

By the time we reach adulthood, virtually all of us have accumulated a certain amount of scar tissue. It may be physical conditions or injuries that have produced it. It may be emotional events or trauma or simply the daily abuse of “beating yourself up.” The stress and speed of daily life may simply have worn us down. What do you want to heal? What healing would you like to contribute to friends and loved ones? What do you want to communicate with your touch? This is a very hands on course in which you get and give massage and bodywork, transforming your ability to touch and your experience of being touched. It profoundly and joyfully connects you to Self and others. Let bliss be your body’s natural state. You will discover yourself as a Healer.

Course Leader and Tuition Info

Living, Loving, Breaking Free with Creative Passion

This course may be scheduled flexibly for individuals and small groups. Let us know what dates you are interested in.

What would your freedom look like? Most people live the life they are told to live. . .  by parents, church, culture, media and most of all by the little voice inside that says “what will people think?” Go beyond the “default” life. Find your freedom. . . and how you want to express it. . . and break free. . .  by igniting and harnessing the one force capable of burning through inertia and “well, that’s just how it is” living — your own powerful passions. This is an active physical course which includes movement, massage, partner yoga and lots of interaction. You will uncover new physical and mental abilities. Your sense of touch will transform, along with your relationships and your view of work. . . and so will you.

Course Leader and Tuition Info

Creative Fire for Artists and Writers: Living and Producing Passionately

This course may be scheduled flexibly for individuals and small groups. Let us know what dates you are interested in.

We are naturally creative beings. Watching small children play demonstrates this. As adults when it comes to our projects, what we’re willing to take on, how we’re really willing to live and express ourselves, something gets in the way. It is as if we have a stern inner Judge, backed up by an army of “what will people think of me” chattering thoughts blocking our self expression. This workshop shows you the places in your body and mind where you are blocked and lets you release your own energy. More, it lets loose your creative fire, burning through limitations, lighting the way for yourself and others.

Course Leader and Tuition Info

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Exploring the Sensual Path to Awakening and Tantra: Creating Loving Relationships

This course can be customized for someone solo, or a couple in relationship. Let us know what dates you are interested in.

Have you wondered if there is more to sensual experience? Whether you might be able to go deeper, to discover new levels of ecstasy, of Self, of surrender, of Spirit, of connection? Are there places that you feel blocked, or unexpressed, that carry over into other areas of your life? Is there more available to you in relationship, if you knew how to get to it? Would you like to live more deeply by powerfully expressing your physical and spiritual connection to the world around you and the beings in it?

What would you like to heal? to celebrate? to transform? to explore?

MidSummer Tantra Course July 7-13 This course may be scheduled flexibly for individuals and small groups. Let us know what dates you are interested in.

Course Leader and Tuition Info

Freeing the Goddess Within

An individual course scheduled flexibly by request.  Orientations in person or by phone are free. Asking for information is the first step on the path.

A course for women. Become all that you are. Become all that you wish to be. Become all that you dare to be.  For those who want to dive deeply into what’s possible in claiming their own power and living with joyful passion and presence. The course draws from diverse disciplines and processes, including massage, movement, tantra, clear communication and the cultivation of courage. It is custom designed for each participant based on interview conversations to determine what you want to experience and achieve.  Begin with these questions. What do you want to transform? What do you want to explore? What do you want to heal? What do you want to celebrate? If your intuition tells you that this course is what you should be in — that’s a good start. (This course has advanced modules available after the first week is completed.)

Course Leader and Tuition Info


These questions are designed to give us an idea of how we may best serve you. They are also designed to begin a process that you may continue at the Center. There are no right or wrong answers.

What areas of your life are you interested in expanding, shifting or transforming?

Are there particular areas you want to celebrate?

Is there any milestone you are using your visit to mark?

Do you have room in your life for new friends?

How would you expect your life to expand, shift or transform during your stay at the Center?

Are there particular activities or explorations that you are interested in?

What else would you like us to know about you?

Thank you for sharing your answers with us.


Passport nationality

Language(s) spoken

Dietary restrictions

Any particular talents or skills you’d like to share?

Contact information:



second telephone

skype number

If you are not in Costa Rica, what country will you be arriving from?

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