Welcome. The Blue Morpho Center for Transformation in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica is about transforming ourselves, our relationships and the way we live on the planet. We are a school/retreat center and an experiment in intentional community. 

The Blue Morpho Center is named for the giant electric blue butterfly which is a symbol of transformation and of the goddess Venus/Aphrodite.  

BMC is in an exciting period of transition. We have moved off the land in the rainforest we lived on the past two years. Our activities now center around a small beach community called Playa Cocles, just south of Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Visitors choose from a diverse menu of courses and teachers. Individualized programs are developed based on what a participant wants to achieve in areas such as choosing and living a life you love, the healing arts, yoga and health, freeing and enhancing creativity in writing and the visual arts and exploring tantra and the sensual path to spirituality. In addition to working in Playa Cocles, we are very excited to be working within a group developing a community permaculture farm and a healing and retreat center on 120 acres nearby. The opportunities for participation, learning and volunteering are enormous and we will soon be posting more how to details.

People who come here tend to want to look deeply into what they will create next in their lives. Opportunities for healing, for exploring, for meditative journeying, for creative play and celebration present themselves daily. If there are areas in your life or abilities that you wish to awaken, you may find yourself drawn here.

Workshops, massage, bodywork, energy work, individual coaching, guided sessions and customized programs to support you in your journey are all available. Nature’s voice speaks loudly and may help guide your choices.

What Happens at the Blue Morpho Center for Transformation?

wildlife, learning, music, meditation, dance, partner yoga, massage, biking, hiking, monkeys, healing, tantra, writing, gardening, pujas, colors, jungle, butterflies, sharing, community, touch, reading, bodywork, filmmaking, contact improv, painting, spirit, hummingbirds, jokes, intuition, cooking, postures, frogs, shamanic journeying, mangos, sensual exploration, beaches, silence, costumes, reggae, swimming, energy work, salads, balancing, Qi Gong – Chi Kung, seafood, writing, photography, communal meals, rain forest, bananas, ocean waves, connection, living in beauty. . .

Contact bluemorphocenter@gmail.com or davidmagichands at yahoo dot com to register for courses, for a residence stay, or for more information.

This blog will feature regular happenings and going-ons at the Blue Morpho and our surrounding community. The contributors are all involved in the day-to-day creation of the Blue Morpho Center.

2 Responses to About

  1. Ranger Beauty says:


    Would be you so kind as to send me a post card? This is my “art project” for BM 2011.

    This will be my 11th Burn & 10th year a a Black Rock Ranger!

    I’ll be accepting “PLAYA MAIL” 🙂
    Just send me -whatever- while I’m @ BM& you’ll feel the LOVEa!

    You may send your ___________ to:


    Please try to send your mail around August 20th & no later than August 31st.
    One year a fellow Ranger (Good Start) sent me a FULL package of DORITOS! They
    made it intact! Last year I got 1 shoe….. go figure. I can hardly wait to see
    what you send!~?

    I think my record mail delivery in one day was 17 pieces! I’m trying to beat
    that this year.

    Thanks for all of your goodies in advance.
    Ranger Love,

    • Marc says:

      Sorry we didn’t get the letter to ya – we had already left for the playa – hope you had a Good Burn – We Sure Did!

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