Introducing Resident Retreat Program

Most people only the live the life they’re told to. 

What will you create to be and do in your life to make it truly your own?

 We invite you to a residencia at the Blue Morpho Center with the intention of finding out for yourself. Pick an amount of  time (we suggest at least thirty days), contact us and we’ll help you begin to examine the direction you want your journey to take. An interview and a questionnaire begin the process of designing your own program. Over the period of your residence we’ll assist you with:

* Coaching in the areas you choose

* Supportive massage and bodywork

* Individualized processes and courses which uncover your heart’s desires

* Freeing your power to heal, to create your dreams, and to have extraordinary          relationships

You will live amidst nature’s beauty on our twelve acres. We will also invite you to participate in a passionate, joyous community committed to growth, service and exploration.

Residencias include all of the above, lodging and meals at an introductory price of $1495 per thirty day month.


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